Design Development Process

Debra Villeneuve’s process begins with inspiration and inspiration begins with the client. Whether it’s planning new construction or starting a remodel, the process can be completely overwhelming even for the most design savvy client. It helps to have a seasoned professional at the helm—one that takes a fully custom approach and really understands the vision for the space.

Uncovering a Client’s Personal Style

Debra begins by understanding the client’s style, needs and budget. She gets to know who they are and how they want to live or work in an environment by asking questions and getting a good feel for the client’s requirements and personality.

Collaborative, Creative, and Hands-on Problem Solving

From the Q&A, space planning begins and the architectural details are defined. The process then continues with material selections, and is generally tailored to each individual client, depending on how they want to work. Debra is very hands on and can be as involved as a client would like her to be, whether it’s accompanying them on a shopping trip for visual inspiration, selecting furniture, fabric and finishes, or finding just the right paint color, Debra’s energy, organization and uncanny ability to quickly problem-solve ensure the selection process goes smoothly. Creative problem solving is also an important quality when is comes to working as a part of a collaborative team including architects, builders and other design professionals, which Debra often does.

Throughout the design process Debra aims to work within or below her client’s budget, and meet each deadline. It is imperative to her that she maintains relationships with only resources, vendors and suppliers that are the very best in the industry and who share her same work ethic. The final goal in the process is to execute the client’s vision beautifully and precisely all while remaining within the initial budget.

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